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This report surveys the general state of entertainment in the 21st century by making examples in France, Japan, the United States, Germany, Mexico, India, Taiwan, and Russia. Its growth period begins with the rise of television as a mass medium and the rise of the long-form film in the mid-1950s and culminates in the growth of cable TV and the emergence of a new generation of highly popular content producers in the early 1980s. By the beginning of the 21st century, entertainment has become a major source of profit for corporate interests in all sectors of the economy. Retail businesses have entered the industry and have dominated the film industry in many countries. Computer and game console manufacturers rely on the profits generated by this industry to pay off a high portion of their operating expenses. According to a 2007 report by the New York Times, the United States dominated the global market for computer software for gaming consoles by 30 percent; the leading software publisher for the Xbox 360 was Microsoft, while the PlayStation 3's top publisher was Sony. Additionally, the U.S. now accounts for over 60 percent of the global market for the sale of movie tickets. This dominance is demonstrated by the fact that the largest companies in the industry, such as Time Warner, Viacom, and News Corp, are headquartered in the United States.

The main motive of this report is to provide a comprehensive treatment of the new trends in the entertainment industry. This report also explores the ways in which the entertainment industry affects these trends, even if no major innovations have yet occurred. This is a trend which can be seen in most countries, although the effect of internet and the ability to use it for entertainment, varies from country to country.

In this report, we assume that the main source of entertainment in the 21st century is television. Most television programs are shot in high definition (HD) in today's market and advertisements for television programs begin as high quality HD versions of the programs which are in production (used to sell the program to the station and the advertisers who advertise in it). The Internet is both a platform for the viewing of television content and a source of it. Websites such as Hulu and Netflix show television content by broadcasting the shows directly to the viewer, or to a set top box (which then broadcast the content to the television). Through the use of video on demand services, one may watch the content on the Internet directly, without broadcasting it. Because the