Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami Raising Project Pc Download REPACK

ayanami raising project is the 2nd game in a series of 3 that takes the player through the whole neon genesis evangelion anime story line. it was released in 2000 for the playstation. it is a unique and fun game where you are ayanami. you can recruit and teach your squad mates and they will fight for you. the game spans the whole series and you can choose which characters you want to fight as. there are 12 endings and each one is different. it is hard to explain but it is like a choose your own adventure book.

2 years before the start of neon genesis evangelion the united nations send a special team to tokyo-3 to investigate an unidentified flying object that was sighted over the japanese city. while the investigation is in progress a huge explosion is reported near the city. the scientists assume that the flying object might be responsible for the blast and the team is rushed to the area. there the scientists witness the beginning of the neon genesis evangelion series. shinji ikari and his friend asuka langley shikinami are the main protagonists. the series is about them trying to understand what the flying object is. it will have a large impact on the world. you play a supporting role.

the game is set during the events of neon genesis evangelion. it will follow the events of the anime up to the end of evangelion 13 and beyond. it will be a epic real time strategy game where you take the role of the leader of the unit eva-1. you will lead your crew through the various battles the story offers. the main story is the events of evangelion 3.0. 81555fee3f