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google claims to be one of the most transparent companies in the world, so they have to explain their search algorithms to internet users. if you think transparency means revealing algorithms, then google would be the wrong company for you. they've shared their privacy policies and search algorithm many times, though they haven't explained it very well. here is a quick summary:

the good guys battle the bad guys. the bad guys are certainly trying to prevent the good guys from using the tools of the internet. of course, the good guys need to use the tools of the internet to catch the bad guys. the bad guys are usually law enforcement, or financial institutions that try to keep stuff in a box.

somebody doesn't like the string "the string was joined because a sheet had to be split up into two smaller pieces and only the first of those pieces has been displayed.", because it might spoil the fun if you are trying to guess what part of the string was split. 

for example, i joined with a few other people, and it showed that nickflames was online, so i tried to get in touch with him by clicking on his name, but that's how you get a different page, and if you click on the name of a user, you get redirected to the user's page. if it were a different page, i probably wouldn't have noticed that it was a whole different site.

someone might put up a bogus site with a greeting that looks like it's from your isp. google's pagerank begins with one, so a site with google pagerank of one is more trusted than another site with the same name and a google pagerank of one. this is only true if it has a real ip address and more importantly a real domain name. domain ownership doesn't always depend on the specific company who runs the domain. for example, there are all sorts of tlds, but many are actually owned by a large hosting company. it is not a good sign to see a domain name ending in.onion or.cloudfront, though. 81555fee3f

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                    } else 

                        return new SimpleTypeName(fieldType.getElementType(), "java.lang.String", token.getValue().unquote());





        if (fieldType.getTypeName()!= null) 

            return new SimpleTypeName(fieldType.getTypeName(), "java.lang.String", fieldType.getTypeName());

         else if (fieldType.getElementType()!= null) 

            return new SimpleTypeName(fieldType.getElementType(), "java.lang.String", fieldType.getTypeName());

         else if (fieldType.getElementType() instanceof SimpleTypeName) 

            return ((SimpleTypeName) fieldType.getElementType()).unwrap();


            return null;




    public String toString() {

        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

        sb.append("FieldDeserializer ").append("[");


        if (type!= null) {

            sb.append(": ").append(type).append(" ");