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i am so sorry for what you have been through. i am a victim of child sexual abuse as well, and there is no cure for the emotional trauma. he has admitted his crime, and he is going through the stages of recovery. he may be struggling in his recovery, but he is strong. it is very hard to go through this with your family. your parents are the most important people in your life, and you need them. you need to let them know what is going on with your brother. they need to know the truth. it is important that you let them know so they can help guide you and your brother along the way. who knows how long your brother has suffered with this? chances are, he has been struggling with this, but you have helped him. he is doing the work, and it takes a lot of hard work, but it is possible. he is strong, because he has done the work, and he will make it. i can tell that you love your brother very much, and he needs you, and he is going to need you for a long time. you may need to find a way to help him without upsetting your parents. it may be hard, but you have to do it. just remember, you are not to blame, and your brother is going to need your help. i am positive that there are many others who understand what you and your brother are going through. you can get through this, and you will. there are other victims like you, and there are many understanding people. it will get better, and you will start to heal. you need to be strong, because you are strong. there is no cure for the emotional trauma of abuse, but you have helped your brother. you need to keep helping him. do not let him down, because of what he has done. 81555fee3f

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