The SCUMLicenseKey algorithm can be used alone as the hashing function or combined with other SCUMLicenseHashes, such as MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 algorithms, to provide a high assurance of message authenticity with user-specified required bits.

 const uint8_t SCUMLicenseKey[SCUMLICENSE_LENGTH]; uint8_t SCUMLicenseHashes[SCUMLICENSE_LENGTH];  Status Some sections of the cryptographic algorithms have been deprecated, as RSA Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA) is no longer recommended. Use SHA2 and SHA3 algorithms instead. For details, please see NIST Key-Based License Authentication (KLAX) Algorithm .

the scumlicensekey is a simple class that represents the key for a scuml license . if the result of model.getlicensekey is none, it means that the model was produced in a time before licenses were introduced. in this case, the default scumlicensekey must be used. the scumlicensekey is a concrete supertype of the and is always immutable. it has methods for getting a key, setting a key, and removing a key.

the scumlicensekey is unique to a client and is generated by the client when it first accesses a protected resource for the first time. each subsequent access to a protected resource by the client provides the client with a new scumlicensekey. the client uses the scumlicensekey to check the authenticity of the user when accessing the protected resource. if the client does not have a valid scumlicensekey, the server returns an error code of scuml_authentication_failed. 81555fee3f


SCUM License Key

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SCUM License Key

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SCUM License Key

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