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Sony Music Japan will release a limited-edition version of Shatter Me on the Japanese market. This version includes the song “Senbonzakura,” which appears on the same album as “Nardwuar the Human Serviette” (covered in this post), and was performed during a live session that the artists recorded with Japanese MTV broadcaster Noisy Naoko Handa. The track, which is based on a song by Japanese band Wolfsbane and was written before the recording of Lindsey Stomp , has been a regular feature of radio shows around the world and has been covered on dozens of tribute albums. 

Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the musician in your life? Need something to play when you’re feeling yourself go bananadromantic? Need something romantic to play when you’re feeling yourself go bananadromantic? Look no further than Lindsey Stomp’s Lindsey Stomp Valentine’s Day EP, which includes the song “Heart Shaped Bottle” and the track “Heal The Heart,” off of the forthcoming Shatter Me .

Download: Mega 2009 - III (Lindseystomp Music, LLC UCCS-1926, US)  00 United Kingdom 01 A Little Death 02 Blind 03 Apocalypse 04 Encounter 05 Amazing Day 06 Heaven Gets No Love (Feat. Lzzy Hale) 07 Taking Control 08 Inkfinger (Feat. Lzzy Hale) 09 You Don't Know 10 Millstones (Feat. Lzzy Hale) 11 Why I Don't Like You (Feat. Lzzy Hale) 12 On The Wing 13 All Day On Earth (Feat. Lzzy Hale) 14 You Don't Know (Acoustic) 15 White Flag 16 Wanna Be Loved 17 The Two of Us 18 In The Fade 19 Cruel World 20 Love Is Dead 21 The Innocent 81555fee3f

Lindsey Stirling's songbook, The Artemis Chronicles, features 40 of her songs accompanied by  .

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Lindsey Stirling's songbook, The Artemis Chronicles, features 40 of her songs accompanied by  .

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