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Hey there and thanks a lot for the tip! I'll give it a shot. I used BitTorent also to download everything this weekend and it worked great. There was one thing though, it took a really long time to download through the torrent - I was about 18 hours into the download and it was only at about 3.5 MB. I guess I just have a slow computer. I'll have to wait and see if I get better speeds with the file. :) 

 I'm confused why I'm getting the.torrent instead of the.iso. I downloaded Dragonball Z English subtitles through BitTorent and it gave me a.torrent instead of a.iso. Maybe I have to use another BitTorent program. Thanks for any help. 

 Hey! I finally found a torrent for this! Thanks a lot! I downloaded it through a BT program called 'BitTorrent' but I'm not familiar with how it works. I also downloaded the w32deb file for the player. I don't know what to do with it. Will I have to install both programs? and do I have to do anything with the registry? Also, I tried installing the player with the original player since it has a.tbz extension and I got this error when I did that: 'application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005).' What should I do? Thanks! 

 I know you said you found a torrent for it. But I was wondering whether you saw the movie in this English version? I found it on Google, and to be honest, it's pretty bad. I've never seen it in my whole life. Should I get it from the torrent or is there a better version? Thanks! 

 Grave of the Fireflies is the animated film that Ernest Rister is talking about in his review, and I agree with him, especially in regards to the animation. The art direction is spot on, with an incredible attention to detail. I know, I was creeped out in a good way when I noticed all of the ashes that were strewn around in the movie! Too bad the English dub wasn't better, because I think Grave of the Fireflies would've been something else if it was dubbed in English with the Japanese ending/post-credits/"Sunshine Heart" music play. 81555fee3f

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