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ZebraDesigner Pro download provides you with tools to build your own services and solutions based on a web server, client application, back-end database, and online services. Customers can set up their development environments and consequently implement their programs as effectively as need be. Upcoming releases of ZebraDesigner Pro will enhance the scalability of digital services with ZT.12 to decrease the software development time in creating digital services.

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Is querying a NULLable column for maximum value possible?

Suppose you have a table where data is written only when a user sends a request for data. When this happens, the user is given the ID of the row. If that ID does not exist in the database yet then an ID is automatically generated.

How do you find the value that was generated? For example, if you know you got a 1, 2, 3 and 4 then you can determine that 2 was generated. However, if you don't know what was generated then you can't tell that 1 was generated.

Is there any way to write a query to find the maximum value that didn't exist when the query was executed?



FROM YourTable



    FROM YourTable 



This is really only useful when you need to find the Max(ID) of a given column, not the max(ID) that was ever generated. That's why I inverted the IN() and NOT IN(), and changed the NOT NULL condition.


        TestCase with parse condition