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Hi, this is Jaya. I have a similar problem. I bought a Epson printer in aug 2011. It is a all-in-one printer with printer, scanner, wifi and fax. The printer was working fine in the beginning but a week ago it started showing a message for replacing ink cartridges and LED lights started blinking. Then it stopped working completely. I tried many different reset option described on the web but it will not reset. I can connect to my wifi and print test page but it has only 1 ink cartridge which is only usable for one page. I took it to the local Epson store and they did an ink test and it reported out of ink as well. I have used the original ink and my Epson warranty expired in sept. 2012. Please help me with the right solution for my Epson 3630. Thank you very much.

Hey all, I had the same exact problem. I had to take it into the service dept. and a technician did a reset under warranty and it worked fine... for a month... When the ink cartridge wouldnt reset I just returned it. I went to 1inkcartridges.com and got an original epson replacement cartridge and a ginkgktoad. Then you should have a thin wired cord. Plug one end into the printer and the other into your computer. Plug the ink in to the printer and leave it there. Your printer has to be connected to your computer in order for it to work properly. My printer has an internal hdmi connector and I dont know if there is a cable for it. If there is a cable for it it is normally located in the back of the printer. The cable is usually black in color and has a small light green piece of wire coming from the back of the printer. Then plug the orange wire coming from the cable into your computer. It should automatically install the software for you. 81555fee3f



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How to reset epson printer ERROR_code_P04E, after we install EPSON S11; ERROR_code_P04E, after we install the DEVICE LOGGER; ERROR_code_P03E, after we install the IMAGE READER.

WIC Reset Tool is an easy-to-use tool to reset your printer. It can be used to solve the WIC-reset problem.. WIC Reset Tool can be used to reset your printer, but there is a problem,. .

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The number of paper that you put in a printer is clearly shows in the paper counter. Every time you put ink in the ink cartridge,. This is a common problem among EPSON printer users. Â .

You can use WIC Reset tool to reset your printer and solve the ink problems.. This is a common problem among .

The following steps will show you how to reset the ink problem: 1).