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there are many now information and games on resident evil 4, and since they are all very famous it is very hard to collect all the items from different players and games. that's why i am releasing this project called resident evil 4 money loot system hack. so you can get the items just for you. it is very easy to use. mostly in few minutes you can collect all the items.

 make a complete installation file of the game and rename it to.exe.  open the file with the program and click on the button "unleashed" or just open it.  if you click on the button "looter" you can get the items that you want.  

there is no tutorial for this tool so i recommend you to watch the background video. you can get the mod there. but i need to warn you that the item in this video don't have any verifications. we hope to update this mod soon. please, enjoy it with your friends and family. 81555fee3f