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and, furthermore, the efforts of sleep to come to terms with the horrible experience have already been the background to this event. the servants, who apparently are dead, reappear in the final act, which macbeth learns of only by what they have said about the murder, and their subsequent, supposed flight (iv.v.i-54).

 the play is therefore concerned with the question, what is the point of being king, rather than, as an ancient greek play might have asked, what is the point of being someone else? its answer is that it is to be able to rule, and that the king has a duty to do so, as a father would. this suggests in turn that the king is not primarily a father figure, though we must note the occasional use of the term, which will be mentioned later. he is a father figure who, like a father, is also a mother figure, and in this sense he is the heir to the old scottish tradition of ruling through a combination of father and mother, as if these two were one. thus macbeth is as much a father as a king, in a way that the original macbeth was not. the terrifying difference is that the older macbeth does not have the additional power to punish. in the original macbeth he exercises only the power of a king, but if he were to have some additional power to strike, this power would be the power of a father or, more generally, the power of a mother figure. however, the original macbeth can see, as we shall see later, that the power to which he has been appointed is very different from the power that he has had. 81555fee3f

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