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of course, carlins work has not been without controversy. in 2007, he was fired from cnn after a segment about gay sex, and later attacked his critics on twitter, saying that gay sex was part of the plan for the universe to come into being. it wasnt the first time he had made controversial statements about homosexuality: in 1994, he called on gay men to stop having sex with men, to avoid contracting hiv. in a 2006 interview on hbos real time with bill maher, he said that banning gay sex would be like banning smoking cigarettes because it isnt healthy. in 2014, he was on the cover of time magazine, which is the worlds most famous magazine. the headline on the cover read the most dangerous man in america. in this interview, he asserted that donald trump is a racist.

dan carlin has been described as being addicted to context and this is one of the things that really sets common sense apart. so often when we encounter a news story the long term trends contributing to the story are ignored. dan carlin really likes to delve into the origins of issues he discusses, particularly when its a foreign policy or constitutional issue. episode 275, the specter of dissent, even includes a bit of an overview of protests in the 1960s. not an overview of the actual political issues, but of the emotional experience of participating in them and responding to them. that segment of that episode was very much like hardcore history in modern times.

 society history hardcorehistory dancarlinshardcorehistory dancarlins by dan carlin's hardcore history and dan carlin. discovered by player fm and our community copyright is owned by the publisher, not player fm, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. hit the subscribe button to track updates in player fm, or paste the feed url into other podcast apps.  people love us! user reviews love the offline function   this is the way to handle your podcast subscriptions. it's also a great way to discover new podcasts. 81555fee3f

. The latest episodes of Unbelievable, Hardcore History and Common Sense, including releases Monday - Friday; podcast archives are uploaded weekday .

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Hardcore History - History Channel tv. Dan Carlin. hardcore history is an audio podcast hosted by Dan Carlin, which began airing on June 13, 2012. it is a companion to the popular .

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