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The final mission safe can be found on a safe within a locked room. Once you've finished all of the other missions, return to the Safe Room of Rain and do the 'Clean this place up' objective. The combination is again the date (with the day set to 3), which is simply: 3-3-52.

If you look at the clock in the top left hand corner of the interface, you'll see that today is July 3rd, 2056. This is the day that the game was released. It's possible to earn additional points by watching a short ad in between parts of the 12 missions.

The FIFA World Football Experience (WWFE) is the latest version of the popular football simulation game and is packed with new enhancements and features. It will be released today for PS4 and PS3. There are six locations to play in: EU, Japan, USA, South Africa, Australia, and Brazil. People who own FIFA 14 can download the Digital Deluxe Edition of FIFA 12 World Football Experience at no additional cost. The World Football Experience will be available today on PS4 and PS3.

But the safe you've found is empty. But not for long. There's a picture of a baby on the wall next to the safe, and the picture's date is 11/11/19. That's the date and time for a celebration at the hospital of a baby born to a woman whom Archie Maxwell claimed to be cheating on.

Head to the far right, where you'll find a picture of the birthday celebration. Enter that picture's date and time. Turn the crank to the right. You'll then get a message that the code is correct.

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