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back in rome, the christians are getting ready to meet their demise, as caligula has them thrown to the lions to ensure they are unable to cause any harm. meanwhile, drusilla is having a hard time dealing with her new position in life. when she asks caligula about her husband, he is not really sure. he claims that he was in rome that day, but that is impossible because of the way the cities defenses are. meanwhile, the christians are getting closer and closer to the lions, and while they are about to die, they are able to speak with caligula, and he gives them the lord's prayer. at first, caligula is not all too happy about this, but it seems that he is starting to come to terms with this idea that is he is going to die after all. although, drusilla does not really think it is a good idea to do what they are doing, she understands that their fate is in the hands of fate. at that moment, they get as far as the lions as the sword is stuck in the ground, and they cannot get it out. they are going to die after all. meanwhile, gaius marcellus starts to have his doubts about his new wife. he remembers that when she was a child, she did not speak at all. however, when she did speak, she would speak in such a way as to create chaos. she was just a little girl, but he remembers that she was very forward.

in the meantime, caligula is at the pinnacle of his powers, and he has the christians thrown to the lions for their part in the rebellion. meanwhile, gaius marcellus is not happy that he is being made to stay in a new marriage with an uneducated woman that does not speak. gaius marcellus goes on to tell the other generals of the roman army that they have to make sure that they are always listening to his commands, because he is the most powerful man in the entire roman empire. gaius marcellus then looks at his wife and it seems that something is going on between them. he looks at her and she is completely silent. he then asks her about it, and she just shakes her head and asks him to go back to sleep. gaius marcellus is beginning to realize that his wife has a secret, and that she is not exactly who she makes herself out to be. 81555fee3f

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