MaxSea Time Zero Pro 1.1.1 And Navigator 1.9.6 Complete With Map ((FREE))

time zero's one-stop, fully customizable navigation mfd is followed by each of its various complimentary custom displays, but it's the introduction of a brand-new addition to the time zero family that has the most potential: the evp system.

the evp, or electronic vessel position reporting, proved absolutely essential for the navigation of both mine and the test boat. evp consists of two basic chips, one aboard your boat (a gps-based vme sensor that communicates with the time zero that's mounted on it) and another that is usually installed in your vhf/dsc transceiver. like many i've tried, it relies on the gps; unlike most others, however, it doesn't use that field for navigation but instead provides only the latitude and longitude of the vessel in relation to your gps. evp relies on cheap 1.5a (2.7v) alkaline cells as power source (similar to evops or most other evp units); making a house battery the power source for an evp by itself is a boat owner's nightmare, but in this case it worked perfectly.

as mentioned, timezero navigator is presented as a single screen with a panoramic “lighted” chart. when it comes to navigating to a location, the boat icon is overlaid on the chart and as soon as you can see it, the update immediately begins. that's a major departure from older systems, including maxima, but like all of time zero the result is very impressive. that's definitely still the case here, even with the major chart feature abrogated: the reality is not a hi-res world map with large, multicolored dots denoting waypoints. instead, its a hi-res chart, arranged in six standard regions (north america, european atlantic, european european coast, continental europe, russia, north africa), that's lighted in regions you activate: the sharpness of the resolution is amazing, even when there are hundreds of waypoints. it's a dense graphic you're scrolling around in, trying to find the right point. but it's so realistic, and you see the boat icon almost right away. 81555fee3f

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I am building a new site. I have a MySQL 5.5.2 server. I am trying to identify if I should have more columns than I am presently using. What are the differences between skinny and fat columns in MySQL and why do I want one column over the other?


The skinny columns are those that are not indexed. Those columns should always be used without indexes (minimally). If your site heavily relies on these columns to be searchable, like product SKUs, you will probably want to use skinny tables. Otherwise, indexed columns should be used for either columns of particular types, which will always be the case when a column is a key in a primary/foreign key relationship, or columns that perform better with an index (e.g. TEXT columns).


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