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You need to contact the person who posted it here on this SE site.

Once I have their name in hand, I can take a look at the system they used to post their PDF file and maybe I can figure out what is causing this.

2. Manually add the PDF so that the spaces and line breaks are inserted properly.

Updating an answer for recent updates. This is the same as one of the previously posted answers.

1. You can do it one of two ways.

One is to use the visual editor. This is a program that will let you replace or add in items into your PDF just like a word processing program, but it has special features for image files and other things. It's an option on the File menu.

Another way is to find the PDF in your web browser. In this case, maybe the SO user is using Chrome.

2. If the username is different than what you see in the URL, go to the link and copy the URL, including the username part, and paste it back into the question. This is the same as the answer previously posted that you linked to.

There, I just fixed it for you. Please do not post such links as answers again, especially