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A powerful but non-intimidating charting tool, Origin makes it easy to create beautiful charts with not only legends and axes, but other elements as well. With over 100 built-in and extended graph types and point-and-click customization of all elements, Origin makes it easy to create and customize publication-quality graphs. You can add additional axes and panels, add, remove plots, etc. to suit your needs. Batch plot new graphs with similar data structure, or save the customized graph as graph template or save customized elements as graph themes for future use.

 Origin supports more than 30 data formats including: ASCII, CSV, EXCEL, Binary, PCLAMP, CDF, DCF, HPF, EPA, EDF, BDF, REC, HYP, DAT, MDF, DAT, RAW, H5, HE5, HDF5, DAT, PXP, IBW,, DX, DX1, JDX, JCM, QDA, MAT, MTW, MPJ, mzData, mzXML, mzML, imzML, NC, DAT, TDM, TDMS, ABF, DAT, AB, SPE, PZFX, XML, JNB, SIE, WAV, SAV, SPC, CGM, BRUKER OPUS, ISF, and SAS7BDAT 

Save a graph as a template. Once you close Origin you can open the template and easily make more charts from the file. Save a graph from the main menu and drag it to the template area and once the file is saved as a template you can easily make additional charts from the saved template.

Preview: First slide in a template. Click on the 'Add to Template' button to add your graph to the template. This does not save it as a template, just adds it to the template. It will save automatically when you close Origin.

Origins Worksheet lets you store metadata in Column Label Rows on top of the columns. Default rows include Long Name, Units, Comments, F(x) for Column Formula, and Sparklines that display a miniature graph of the data in the column. Users can further customize label rows for including other metadata elements. 81555fee3f

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