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The invention relates to an improved method for annealing electroless plating baths used for the formation of copper or nickel plating on a substrate and an apparatus used for the method.

2. Related Art

In the manufacture of printed circuits, it is well known to form through-holes in a substrate by the use of lasers or other means, with or without the use of a plating or etching back process, and then to plate on the substrate via the filled holes a conductive material such as copper.

In some applications, the subsequent metal deposition step is replaced by a metal electroplating step, in which an electroplating bath is used, for example, to plate a seed layer of a conductive material such as copper, nickel, or silver on the substrate.

In such processes, it is important to control the electrical characteristics of the plated layer, which is formed by electrochemical deposition on the substrate. Plated metal deposition is not an entirely simple process in that, for example, the degree of current density on the substrate surface is difficult to control during plating.

The plating is often accomplished using electroless plating, in which a catalytic surface is first formed on a metallic surface, and then the metal to be plated is electrochemically deposited on the catalytic surface. Electroless plating can be performed at a much higher current density than is necessary for electroplating alone.

Although electroless plating has advantages, it is very difficult to control the plating on a substrate surface, especially a highly curved and irregular surface. It would, therefore, be desirable to develop an improved method for the manufacture of printed circuits in