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It is the most powerful tool to generate PIN codes by VINs, serial numbers of immobilizers or related diagnostic codes from any car you are interested in. Support most of the world's car brands such as: BMW, FIAT, KIA, Land Rover, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, Rover, Saab, SAAB, Toyota, Volkswagen.

Pre-calculate IMMO codes for all models you are interested in by using the add-to-cart option in the lower bar. Use the buttons in the upper bar to clear your IMMO code database and switch between data provider types and compare the results of the IMMO code types you have calculated.

Please specify your IMMO codes in the upper bar. Data provider selection will automatically switch to the one that supports your model, and pin code calculator will calculate codes and show them in the bottom window.

Info - update on 02/28/2015: Enables the following new features in V1.5.6.1 version: * Pin Code calculation by VIN now uses free IMMO code database. * New option to directly calculate IMMO code without going through the pin code request form. * Faster PIN code requesting in the list view with VIN input method. * Faster PIN code calculation.

CCD Calculator supports 1799 vehicle make models. If you want to know the insides of another vehicle, you need to first know its make model and serial number of the car. Serial Number of the car is very easy to record. Only need to plug the car into a cigarette lighter and push the "Start" button in the calculator once. After that, the calculator will record all data information and the current status of the car. That's all. 81555fee3f

#408. ICC - Immo Code Calculator v147 Win  244 MB ICC can calculate PIN code.

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