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with the.xml file you have created and the associated.dlt file. for information about setting up the server as a tile server, see the tileserverapplication.jar ui guide. an example of a tile server definition is as follows. it includes an alpha toggle color (atc), scale, and a hex color that are set in the xml file, a tile size defined in the.dlt file, and 

jpg, a tile bounding box defined in the.dlt file, and the url of the image. the key is the tileid key name in the.dlt file that is provided by a tile manager server. you can use the following xml file for example. you can customize the xml file to add, replace, or delete a 

tile's properties. configure a tile server as a tile server with a.xml file. you can configure the xml file for tile definitions for a tile server as a url. the url refers to the url of a tile server on the web. for example, given the tileserverapplication.jar application, if you 

reconfigure the server with a new tile server definition xml file, you change the xml file in the following manner.. if you set the contenturl property to true, then you can receive content responses from the tile server. a tile server can run only on a windows operating system. follow the instructions in the java client guide to install the tileserverapplication.jar application.

tile server by specifying tile server definition xml files, you also add tile servers to the tile server manager.. the tile server configuration is available after you install the java client application and when you 81555fee3f

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