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bixpack 42 introduces a new kind of particle editor: the wave editor. waves can be used for multiple purposes: as a simple particle effect, as an emitter, to simulate a water effect, to simulate an ocean, or to create a storm. this powerful effect has been designed from the ground up, from it’s original concept by the bixpacker “wave editor”. it contains 64 different wave types which can be combined with and used in any way you like. each wave type is fully customizable and can be created with the aid of presets (example: ocean waves, water wave, spume, wave ripple, sand, wave clip and many more).

bixpack 41 introduces a powerful new particle effect: the emitter. created by the bixpacker “emitter”, an emitter is an object which is continually releasing particles. the emitter itself can be rotated, moved and scaled. each emitter type can be combined with or used together with 32 different preset emitter types (example: fire emitter, smoke emitter, explosion emitter, wind emitter, earthquake emitter, snow emitter, rainbow emitter, moon emitter, etc.).

bixpack 39 introduces a new bixpacker effect: the color splitter. with the aid of this effect, a multi-layer project can be broken down into several different parts. this is a very handy feature, as it allows you to re-use a part of your project several times, and to create a variety of different versions of the same part (example: same body in different positions, different skins, different shoes, etc.).

bixpack 37 introduces a new bixpacker effect: the fx mask. thanks to this effect, you can change the transparent fill color of a mask, and then use the mask for several effects: a fx mask, a glow mask, a mask for a brand logo, a text mask, etc. 81555fee3f

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