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Cubase provides some useful preset Key Commands for faster recording, editing and especially for generating new tracks. The onboard Spector Pro feature allows you to hear what a sample sounds like when it is applied to a new track. Just press the button and the sample will enter the audio chain of a new track on the fly. Spector Pro can be disabled and the button bound to any keystroke you desire. Some user may feel the Spector Pro feature adds an unnecessary complexity to production, but i think its a pretty cool idea. Cubase 7 even supports speech recognition for text-to-music composition. You can tap or speak a note, and Cubase will search for the closest note and offer it as a potential track.

Cubase now features three brand new video enhancing techniques; Keyer, Noise Shaper & De-Noiser. From a single video input you can choose to apply one, all or any combination of these. The Keyer creates a static image while the Noise Shaper approximates or reduces the noise reduction. You can apply the De-Noiser to create an audibly clean version of your video. The Keyer is available for both I and II preset configurations and the Noise Shaper and De-Noiser is for the II preset only.

Forget calling it a ‘portable’ DAW, just call it ‘Cubase 7 Portable’ and youll be forgiven. Its $400 price tag is a little harder to swallow, but when you see everything that’s included this one is highly recommended. I love all of the new tools added to Cubase 7. Its a very powerful DAW and its really easy to use for anyone who knows their way around a PC. The now familiar Track Window-based approach looks even better, and makes overall operation quick and easy. The Gear Organizer is a great new feature for tracking and many have already started using this. Cubase now includes many core sample packs from Reaktor, JBL, Musaic and Alchemy, and much more. 81555fee3f

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Cubase, or Cubase SX as it should be called, will not run on a 32 bit OS (like. A new port of Cubase 7 to Windows 8 is close to release. Pages 26 - 37.. After Cubase 5, there was an upgrade path from VSTs (VSTs) to the "Mixer". I have read it had nothing to do with sound,.

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