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diablo 3 pc game is the long-awaited follow-up to the legendary action-rpg franchise. with its trademark blend of rich storytelling, addictive gameplay and advanced character building system, diablo 3 delivers the rich and rewarding gameplay that fans of the series have grown to love. the game world of sanctuary is in turmoil. a dark force threatens to plunge the world into darkness. the mortal enemies of the crusader class, known as the burning hells, have begun to invade the land, destroying everything in their path. players take on the role of a powerful warrior and assemble a team of five to explore, battle, and conquer through an epic fantasy world. this game is basically a direct sequel to the diablo 2 game. the game follows the diablo 2 story line and has some references to diablo 2, so in some way it is a sequel but not a direct one. the game is a diablo 2 type rpg with some diablo 3 features like random monster generation, character classes, loot and skills.

the world is presented in the form of a normal map that is 3d. in this game, the characters possess the ability to freely move around the landscape, although you are going to notice a few boundaries that are limited because of the size of the map. the characters can move around the world. you can change the character for your own preference in every part of the match.

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