Ake Usb2 Cardbus Bc168 Driver =LINK=

When I decompressed his iso, I found the file usb2.inf in it (as well as the nusb30.exe file as mentioned in the previous post, so I proceeded to verify the presence of the 2.0.inf file by launching nusb30.exe, running nusb_extract_usb20.bat (the.bat file makes it easier to specify the file name, so I know not to use the desktop icon for the.inf file), and then running nusb_driver_verify.bat, only to find that the file was not in nusb30.exe, but in nusb34.exe (the version with the usb2.inf file, the same one that Phil uses). I, like Phil, was a little skeptical of the.inf file at first, because I've found that some other.inf files may actually not exist (some.inf files just do not appear to exist), and the fact that the file isn't created by Windows 98 SE (or ME for that matter) doesn't bode well.

I downloaded a free version of Csharp which can be downloaded from: http://www.csharp.net. I used a link provided on the site to download the zip file. After unzipping and uncompressing the file, I found the usb2.inf file, and that it included an executable file called usb2in, which looks like a command prompt. I also found that it created a batch file called nusb.bat. So I ran it by double clicking on it, and it was able to decompress the.inf file, and then extract the file in it which was a list of the required files.

But I have to say that my cableman was extremely clever in his evasion. He lit up the green LED in the FW 100 pin connector on the cardbus controller while the cardbus cable was plugged in to the BIOS. This was at the point in the plugging in process where I had only removed the cable from the boot ROM. 81555fee3f


On W7 the drivers are available as below


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