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houton la vie and h.h. was released a couple of days ago on dvd. as far as i can tell it's in pal. the audio tracks are: 1) english (audio from the dvd), 2) french (audio from the dvd), 3) french (alternative audio from the dvd). it appears h. comes with both french and english audio and subtitles. for houton la vie only french audio and subtitles are included. all i know is for h. the german dub and english audio are separate. they probably have a similar decision as with shorty. sound files or a'real' copy of houton la vie (a german dub) would be very helpful. re: the alternative audio for h.

the poetic and traditional best known country song is still relevant today as a reflection on loss and self-discovery and the price we pay in the game of love. i believe this song and the others in the compilation, i have worked on, are the finest art songs in the nation's history, and hopefully the film will speak to your heart and soul. there will be other songs as well on the soundtrack.

i hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. it was nice to have everyone who came to the events, and everyone who subscribed to the venues. thanks for coming and supporting us. i am excited for the film and cant wait to debut the final cut. we will be showing the film next year and hopefully play for the labor day weekend on labor day 2020. if you have any questions feel free to email me at 

hi everyone, it's been a while. we have been working hard at the film. its been a long, but great journey. i couldn't be more excited about the film, and a preview screening takes place in san jose on thursday. also, i plan on getting the film seen by many more people. check out the trailer on youtube: 81555fee3f

May 09, 201811:42

Tarzan: The Legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs (1996) - Tarzan at the Movies, Part 1:

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