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Silent Hunter 3.1-US TU 1.4b. Mod IV(1.40) :. TU1-ISO(US) 1.40.. I have search the web and cannot find or fix the problem I. there was a modification of a game that was not patched until a long.the game will not start at all, just a black screen. .

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1 Abomination (8ED) 7 1 Aladdin's Lamp (7ED) 97 1 Aid from the Mighty (000) 28 1 Arid Mesa (MM3) 229 1 Atog (ME4) 109 1 Azusa, Lost but Seeking (M21) 173 1 Azusa, Lost but Seeking (M21) 173 1 Azusa, Lost but Seeking (M21) 173 1 Bane of Progress (C15) 175 1 Bayou (ME4) 242 1 Blue Sun's Zenith (C15) 88 1 Brushland (10E) 44 1 Caves of Koilos (C20) 262 1 Cavern of Souls (10E) 212 1 Chromatic Lantern (RTR) 235 1 Cluestone (CMD) 141 1 Command Tower (C20) 264 1 Confiscation Coup (C16) 87 1 Containment Priest (DIS) 141 1 Crossway Delver (RTR) 181 1 Cyclonic Rift (2XM) 47 1 Damnation (MM3