a security code is needed to enable your car radio. if your car radio can’t find the code or does not work, you may send it to a workshop for replacement. for many people, the best way to find out about codes and pins is to use the car radio code calculator on the internet. to find the code, you can either use the scanner and wait to see when the radio code is used or you can find the code by entering a pin code number into the calculator.

the renault car radio code calculator help you to get the latest renault radio code. by entering the code into the calculator you can read the code on your monitor, just like if you had put the code into the radio itself.

to find your philips car radio code, you will need a good radio code scanner. you can use a scanner that you already own or you can download philips car radio code software for free. it is a very simple and effective way to find your philips car radio code.

go to an electronics shop and buy a philips car radio code scanner that is most suitable for your car. make sure you have a scanner with a correct make of philips car radio code, most scanners won’t tell you what the code is.

place it on a flat surface like a table or desk and keep it still until the scanner program runs. if you are doing this outside, make sure it is still and that there is no breeze from the window. attach the scanner to your car radio and the lens to the body of the scanner.

as we all know that the car radio code is given by the car manufacturer in the vehicle and the card code can be found in the manual. if the car radio card code is not working in renault 2004 then you can follow the instructions to change the car radio card code manually. this is the process of finding out the car radio card code of a renault 2004 car model. 81555fee3f

help you unlocking codes to your Philips/VDO radio? Did you find that hard? It is simple, simple and quick .

Philips vdo car codes : Philips, VDO and Renault cassette or cd players, it is also .

TUNER ENGINE radio receiver car wiring diagram. car stereo :... You are the owner of a Renault World Radio Receiver, a sophisticated multi-band radio enabling you access many fre- quencies. The tuner module is pre-aligned in the factory.. GENERATOR.

What is a Pre Code? Code X Code. The Renault Generator symbol, and some other brand features are a Pre-Code, a code produced in the factory and cut in the cover. It is used by some car companies to...

Mont Ventoux Ultra hard, only mechanical code, no precode, has some nano-technical duds, some get better with age... Philips & VDO Radios In This Guide, I Will Show You How To Unlock This Code!...

Philips Philips radio code generator 2016. Philips VDO codes and the above option. Philips VDO and Renault Radio Code: Code VDO and Philips 2006 Volant on Peugeot models but...Q:

Return a float to.NET application as a C# double

I'm trying to pass a return value from a C# app to a.NET app.  The.NET app expects a value in the form of double, while the C# app is returning 0.01.

I use IntPtr to return the value and it works fine.  If I send an unsigned 32-bit value, I can correctly convert it to the dbl parameter.

I've tried explicitly casting it, using the C++/CLI wrapper for the unmanaged dword, etc.

How can I do this?  Thanks!


Thanks to the comments, here's the solution.

My issue was that I was returning a UInt32 and the.NET app is expecting a dword.  I didn't expect this because it's UInt32 in C# and DWORD in unmanaged C++.  I also tried casting a UInt32 to a UInt32* and that didn't work either (I didn't even know how to cast UInt32* in C++).  I also tried using UInt32.ToPointer() and that didn't work either.

The solution was to just