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Thus the film quickly gained notoriety for being too critical of its own leadership. But that's not all. Yadav has been arrested and charged with a murder committed by his wife and played by Juhi Chawla. Thus Gangaajal is primarily set in Bihar's capital Patna, which was the scene of the actual murder case.

The answer is simple. Prakash Jha, the filmmaker, is a person from Allahabad who has spent most of his adult life in Bihar and sees the region as his home. He is usually extremely political and not just about the state. At the same time, the south Indian film industry has never had so much of a foothold in the Hindi film industry as it does now. In one word, he had a very good reason to make this film. Plus, Prakash Jha just didn't know how powerful women could be as protagonists in commercial mainstream movies. This is apparent in his most recent release, Hindi Medium.

On a second hand note though, it is also worth noting that Gangaajal was shot over a period of three years at an estimated budget of 15 crores (principal photography began in August 2003). So this was an extremely expensive production, all-round. Yet the sequel was made in less than six months at an estimated budget of 7 to 8 crores, which makes the production level quite low. It is probable that the Indian CineFund, which is the public funding agency for the Film Finance Corporation of India, was the single biggest contributor to Jai Gangaajal financing. It helped that it was a holiday season and Prakash Jha managed to get a sizeable amount of funds for his production. 81555fee3f

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Mumbai: Gangajal (Jai Gangaajal) is one of the most awaited releases of the year, thanks to its multi-star cast of Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Prakash Jha. The movie, directed by Prakash Jha, is slated for an April 26 release.. We will provide you with the Gangajal movie trailer soon.

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