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in the geostudio control panel, you can change properties on the fly. you can double click the properties of a material to change them all at once. you can also change property values on the fly if you have a large number of material properties defined. the new settings dialog is customizable through the ribbon of the property palette. the settings can be saved when you close the settings dialog so that you can import those values when you open it again. 

in addition to these standard changes, there have been numerous new features and improvements to the toolbox, including:   the dissipation of thermal stress option in the property palette has been changed to an advanced tab, allowing the user to define the dissipation properties for both elastic and plastic parts. the advanced tab only appears when you click the advanced tab. to select the advanced tab, click on the triangle icon at the end of the dissipation of thermal stress options on the right side of the property palette.   a new site management tab, allowing you to manage geospatial data associated with an analysis while you are performing it.   the trigger condition dialog is now customizable through the ribbon of the trigger dialog.   the roadmap dialog has been improved to provide more options and context about roadmaps in general and auto-flood roadmaps in particular.   the ability to perform a one step auto-flood operation when starting an analysis.   updated product installation instructions to reflect changes in geostudio and aiza 2013. 5dcf44b096

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