FlippingBook PDF Publisher Corporate V158 12

The FlipBook Publisher app is available for Windows. The software offers a variety of features. Some include turning the current page of a file, applying a preview, generating variations, and exporting the flipbook to a zip file. An export file can be downloaded to create a preview or the full digital publication. The software allows the user to customize the e-book. In some cases, such as for books like the Bible and the Book of Mormon, FlippingBooks digital publications come with the option to preview the final book before publishing.

Last but not least, FlippingBook Online is the company’s full browser-based solution. The browser-based platform runs on a marketplace where users can create and share their flipbooks. The publishing engine renders the flipbook in Flash, and offers robust features that allow one to use the tools to create books, manage users, keep track of revenue generated, and promote the publications.

Download the FlipBook web application at http://www.flippingbook.com/downloads/flippingbook/ to view and download flipbook templates and get access to online publishing features. To get started, you can register or login. FlippingBook is also supported on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows Phone.

The whole process may not take less than 15 minutes. Now, I have officially given you an idea about what the various FlippingBook publishing options are for you. Pay special attention to the pricing of the different publishing modules. This article has covered how to optimize your budget.

You may also purchase and run an unlimited number of FlippingBook accounts from the same location. This means the prices will not change based on your usage. So, you may run as many flipbooks as you like without any additional costs. I can help you with this if youre interested. Its possible, but its not very common. Its only possible if you have a special reason and technical skills to do it. 81555fee3f

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FlippingBook PDF Publisher Corporate V158 12

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FlippingBook PDF Publisher Corporate V158 12

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