Christopher Cross Discography (1979 2008) [mp3 192 320]

This song is from the Back of My Mind album. This is a moving ballad about reminiscing about the past. This song features a soft piano and harp. The lyrics are touching and moving. The music is sweet and melodious. He sings about a person who is being held back by the past. The music is nostalgic and all about someone who is going back in time to relive some past memories. This is one of Cross' best ballads. This song could have been nominated for a Grammy Award.

This song is from the album Mirror Mirror. This is Cross' most well-known song. Cross wrote this song because he thought he loved Narcissa. He tried to woo her with the lyrics of this song. She didnt return his feelings. That is why he was depressed in this song.

This song is from the album Mirror Mirror. This has a disco feel. This has a wonderful beat. This song will have you dancing. Its a good jazz-disco song. Cross sings in a smooth voice. His gentle voice fits perfectly with the softness of the music. His vocals are smooth. He does a great job of keeping the song upbeat. He has a little bit of a chugging sound in his voice which adds to the danceable rhythm. The instrumentation is very diverse. The piano is very jazzy. The guitar is soft and jazz like. The rhythm guitar is similar to an electric guitar, but it has a strong electric piano melody in it. All of these instruments blend well together. You can tell that Cross is singing in his own style on this song. He does a great job of keeping this song upbeat and danceable. 

This song is from the album The Other Side of Midnight. This song is about his first wife, who he married at the age of 17. He talks about how he tried to win over her heart but failed. He has a great voice. His voice sounds good in his higher register. It sounds great in the lower register. This song is melodic. The music is easy-listening music, but it has a different feel to it. Cross sings with a lot of passion. This song is an easy-listening duet for Cross and his wife. This song works well with the other songs on the disc. This has a strong melody. 81555fee3f

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R.E.M. (1974) CD. DISCOGRAPHY THE RED MORROWERS The ‘80s – ‘90s.. My Little Obsession Released: August 23,. Good Riddance (break-up disc) October 14,. 2003, four-CD set collected with Instant Encore:.

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