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multi-platinum, record-breaking bandshinedownbrent smith[vocals],zach myers[guitar],eric bass[bass, production], andbarry kerch[drums] has sold more than10 million albumsand 10 million singles worldwide, earned14platinum and gold singles,5platinum and gold albums, 16#1 active rock hits, and amassedmore than4.5billion total streams. each of shinedowns27charting singles on billboards mainstream rock songs chart has reached the top 5 an unparalleled achievement and they hold the record formost top 5s ever on thischart.their hit songsatlas falls, attentionattention, get up, monsters and devil bring their total to17#1s on themediabaseactive rock chart and16#1s on billboards mainstream rock songs chart, breaking the record for the most #1s ever in the history of the billboard chart.shinedown was also recently named #1 on billboards greatest of all time mainstream rock artists chart.

vince"burns is the director of operations for heavy metal productions and also the co-founder and president of victor vincenzo burns recordings. victor started his music career back in the 80's with the band metallica and has had various recording and production credits since. however, his career went through a lull during the late 90's when he released a series of great albums, however, with the release of victor vincenzo burns, he was reintroduced to the ears of the "heavy music junkie" community who had fallen in love with his productions the first time around. victor vincenzo burns has been heralded as one of the best album's of the year in the past, and one of the best rock albums of 2011. " 81555fee3f

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