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the cross-chapter boxes on adaptation to land tenure, land tenure reform, agricultural and rural development stress the importance of land tenure reform in achieving food security and poverty reduction goals, through the development of stronger rules and regulation. this is further strengthened by the cross-chapter discussion box on the role of governance, which addresses the need to strengthen governance at the level of people, institutions, and systems to build people’s capacity to act on their own behalf, and address the root causes of conflicts in land acquisition and tenure arrangements. addressing governance, as well as the need for simple, unambiguous property rights rules, is a key function of governance: “governance is a process which leads to an outcome. the way people govern themselves in a polity is as important as the outcome they achieve” (barnett et al. 2010, p. 73). kleptocracy is a critical governance problem that impedes legal access to lands and resources, and the distribution of benefits from these, in places such as the congo and burkina faso, according to bloomberg (2016).

overfishing, high fishing pressure and increased competition for fish stocks around the world, are limiting potential economic and social benefits from fisheries. these pressures are largely driven by human demand for seafood, especially in low-income, developing countries, and climate change. fishers now face novel challenges because climate change is altering the spatial distributions of wild fish stocks and their costs. meanwhile, local and national government authorities have expanded their management of fish stocks and fishery regulations, in response to local ecological needs, as well as to reduce economic and social impacts of fisheries on coastal livelihoods. these changes in fishery management have increased the cost of fishing and reduced the potential annual revenues, especially in developing countries. on the other hand, there are expected improvements in the sustainability of the global fishery because climate change will reduce the competition for stocks among fishing fleets worldwide. adapting to these challenges requires new strategies for resource use and governance across a range of sectors, across all nations. to improve sustainability, fisheries needs to be managed under the principles of adaptive management, using the tools of participatory learning (section 8.4), multi-criteria decision analysis, and dynamic adaptation pathways processes (haasnoot et al. 2013 1066 ; wise et al. 2014 1067 ). in several cases, dynamic adaptation pathways and adaptive management processes have used scenarios to determine short- and long-term planning priorities. 81555fee3f

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Stoner, unlike a standard post card, is a professionally printed product usually between approximately 5.6 x 8.3 cm and 8.3 x 11.8 cm in size, with a standard thickness of 0.1 mm (0.004 inch).

In 1927, Robert Irving Munn, a graduate of the California Institute of Technology, published a description of the neutron, the first subatomic particle discovered by a scientific experiment.

When the victim’s stomach contents were examined, it was found to contain a considerable quantity of rum.

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