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hi i am trying to recover files from a raw drive using testdisk. i have tested the drive using photorec and it says that the files are corrupted. the drive is an hp sata 2t drive that can be found in an hp pavilion dv4 running windows 7 enterprise. testdisk is able to list the drive and i am able to navigate the drive. once i get to the main partition, i cannot see any files. i ran the in-depth test on the drive and it took about 5 hours. i reboot and the drive is not recognized. i have attempted to use the following software: s.m.a.r.t.diskmonitor pro drive image recuva diskinternals testdisk 7.1 recover data  superrec undelete, and easeus testdisk i was able to recover data from the drive, but it was only a few images. i will be posting them to this forum if no one has any suggestions. if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it. thank you.

ok so i got my hp 640s laptop yesterday. and what to my dismay i cant see any partition on it. i looked in the bios and all i see is the "partition" that was created when i got it. im pretty new to computers and have no clue what im doing at all. i was wondering if anyone could help me recover all my files off of my hard drive. i would also like to know if there are any other things i can do to recover my data. thanks in advance.   p.s. i used to be able to see the partition when i had windows installed. i think it was because there were all sorts of junk files on there.

hello. i'm trying to recover a hdd that was recently formatted. i had a few files on it, but when i formatted the drive i wasn't able to see them. the last few things i tried were testdisk and ultimate boot cd. i downloaded testdisk and used the third option, which was "seagate". it found the partitions on the drive and claimed it was able to recover the file system. however, when i tried to save the results it gave me the following error: "unable to access partition. error 1: invalid argument" i'm currently stuck at this point. is there anything i can try or do to try to recover the files? thanks in advance. 81555fee3f

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