By the time the invasion actually began, the war was over, of course. The details of the end of it are too complicated to get into here. He survived, but it cost him a good part of his reputation

The reason the book is boring is that the Nazisaurus was rather more successful and remained in control for a longer time (and it had more successful allies), so there was more time to sort things out after the war. I don't think the book has ever been republished in English, but I gather it is popular in Russia. In Russia, events are often worth less because they happened less recently.

I think that he is still sometimes spoken of as a man who had a special gift for chemistry, but the evidence suggests it was more of a gift for making it a tool of the authorities rather than a force of liberation. (Schematically and technically the book is interesting; the story of the war is very stale. This doesn't apply to Nazisaurus Rex, where a great deal of the book is devoted to the conquest of Russia, which I haven't seen done.)

So I can say that the gas boycott is a really great thing and a direct way to get Putin to back off, but if I don't pay attention to the war and don't pay attention to how differently I'm reacting to it then I can't do much about it. And if I pay attention to it and still ignore it, I could easily wind up being confused into thinking I'm a good person because I'm not doing what is good, when the real problem is that I am conditioned to think like a liberal, which inevitably means that I am thinking like a liberal, but not doing what a liberal would do. 81555fee3f

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