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How to find connected/configured switch?

I have an old switch (router) that has 4 port (ethernet port) and 2 port (power). I’m suspecting that one switch is connected in the power plug, how can I check it? The switch has yellow arrows indicating that they are connected but I cannot find the connector or the cable which is connected to the switch. 


if the switch can't be powered down (some switch can be powered down when the power supply is off), you should disconnect the power cable(s) and plug them into the power supply.

there should be nothing connected to the cables. now power up the switch and check if there are problems like

does it power up? 

if yes, what happens if you remove the power supply (by disconnecting the power plug) for this cable?

if the answer to both questions is no, the cable is connected to the power supply.

for the ethernet part you should see if you have a configured interface with an IP address (check the interface configuration).

in case you have two ethernet parts connected to the switch, you should see at least one configured cable and one configured interface. if you see no such things then the switch is not a standard ethernet switch but a regular layer2 switch or a layer2 switch with no ethernet part.

Earlier this year, Bethesda released its Injustice 2 game and the fighting game has taken the world by storm. With more than 18 million registered players, the game is way ahead of the expectations of all the fans and it even earned a Game of the Year award. Now the gaming giant is planning to release its Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition.

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