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Joyme is one of the first free-of-charge bio link platforms that provides users a place to share all the links you want with no limits. It can be used on social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, …

- Go to joyme.io and tap “Sign up”.
- Claim your username.
- You can use Google, Facebook or Email to create your own account.
- Get started making the Link in Bio profile that's perfect for you.

- Click on the symbol on the top left then go to “Account”.
- Choose “Profile Setting” to change your username.

- Click on the symbol under your name to add your social media.

- Click on the on the top right and start editing.

- Click on the symbol to copy your link.

- After adding your new items, don't forget to tap SAVE.

- Click on the symbol on the top left.
- Go to “Analytics” to check.

You can “Contact us” on the website or send us an email at hello@joyme.io. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram.