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The speed management core is proprietary and closed source, so we can’t release the code. There is currently no way to contribute to the speed management core. You are encouraged to fork it and make a contribution there.

Two weeks ago, I went to an estate sale in my town. It was the first time I’d gone to one in a while and it was fun. There were quite a few pieces of furniture, computer stuff, you know, the usual collection of things you find at estate sales. This lot had a few decent looking laptops lying around as well as an old desktop computer. I went through the laptop ones first and found one that had an OS of XP.In working a PC today, I noticed that my YouTube videos would still play, but would stutter and stutter. The reason for that was a software update that was available for Windows XP. If you download that update and run it, then you can make YouTube videos play much better, and it is free to do so.

Before I got my ASUS Router I used to use my ISP Router. It connected straight to the modem. This was so I could use the ISPs router and all the internet going through it. Anyway, I had to change ISP and we started getting slow data speeds and I didnt like it. So we contacted their customer service (lived in Portland Oregon area) and a guy came out and said he was going to come to my house and replace my router. So, just for kicks I said. Thats a very expensive router, he said. Its not that expensive, it was like five or six hundred dollars. So I gave him the serial number and he went down to the store and bought a new one. Told him the info and everything. So, after he left my kids and I ran through all my stuff and there was all the new software on there. He had it on the usb stick and we couldnt use it until he got back (he came back within half an hour or so). So all he did was run the software and I knew it was working as I was on the phone with him. So I just did my stuff for the night and now my internet is working great. This is the third time Ive done this and its worked everytime. 81555fee3f

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Create PDF from HTML in PHP - geting error: Could not complete the operation. Please try again

I have made a web page using Bootstrap 3. I want to make my web page as a PDF.

I am trying to make PDF using Zend_Pdf and I am getting error:

"Could not complete the operation. Please try again."

Here is my code:


            'name' => $data['title'],

            'id' => $data['price_id'],

            'font' => Font::getFallbackFont(),

            'page' => $this->getPdfObject(),



    private function getPdfObject()


        $page = new PdfPage();