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Peterson is arguing that because in his view our culture has become dominated by the leftist vision of history, we should all do what we can to protect our civilization. In his view, I. we should all do the best we can with what we have, and he will defend this even if he doesnt convince me to accept it; and II. the best we can here will be to work to protect Western Europe and Canada, which is the best evidence of our civilization. And he does argue that we must resist these totalitarian currents. 

Anyway. So you have Two types of totalitarianism: innocents who are ignorant of their inability to grasp the scope of their own dogma (the Soviet state, in its heyday, really wasnt that impressive, imo) and the sophisticated fascists, who have a well-developed sense of their own cultural-ideological limitations and are quite willing to split their own pea-sized piece of the ideological and moral pie so that they can have everything. Both take their power from our fear of each other, from our fear of other groups and of the possibility that we wont be able to put ourselves first before the laws of the market, the laws of the state, and the laws of our friends. Neither of these regimes really gives us what we want and need. 

In one way, the question of whether the German nation deserves to endure is absolutely unanswerable. The answer depends on the experiences of the individual German; the culture of the German state; the macroeconomics and demographics of Germany itself. Societies like the Hapsburg and Ottoman Empires and Stalinist Russia had totalitarian systems that were simultaneously ethnically and culturally diverse, and still ended up experiencing collapses and dictatorships for long periods after the original waves of national self-aggrandizement. Even in the contemporary world, there are simply too many forces that are too powerful to account for, and no way to truly know what the German nation deserves now. 81555fee3f

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