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Kyon comes from a wealthy family, unlike the poor Nagato and is a kendo specialist. Haruhi called him the "Sunny-like-boy" and Kyon believed it was a compliment to his sunny personality. Kyon is a third-year student in the Art club. In the school band, he plays the guitar and is fond of eating crepes. He also dreams of being a good husband to a wife named Hoshi. Despite Kyon's kindness, Hoshi dislikes him, referring to him as "sunny-like-boy". He is also friends with Itsuki, a second-year in the same class. Itsuki lives next door in room 7-3. Kyon's room is 3 doors down from Itsuki's. Kyon enjoys playing with Itsuki's rabbit Pen-Pen. Amongst the members of the SOS Brigade, Kyon is the most aware of the seriousness of the mission, and appears to take Haruhi's zany behavior as a sign of illness, but he takes comfort in the fact that she still accepts and respects him in a friendly way. When Itsuki persuades Kyon to have a little more fun with Haruhi, Kyon obediently initiates Haruhi into a game of Rock-paper-scissors against Itsuki. However, Haruhi herself is unaware of Itsuki's plan. While Itsuki and Kyon sing a silly version of the song "This Guy's In Love With You", Haruhi is shown to be lost in thought and suddenly breaks into song, belting out "I'm gonna get you, this guy's in love with you", only to break down in tears. Kyon is shocked by her reaction, and offers to perform a duet with Haruhi. Haruhi then displays an unusual new talent by playing the kan-a-tate of the Haruhi Suzumiya theme by Liselot. 81555fee3f

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