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I've found multiple occurrences of this, but none of these are from the site in question. 

I've also been having problems searching and indexing in Google, even though Google is my main search engine. 


What you’re seeing is content that has been removed from a site due to alleged links to child abuse.  See the source of the content; it was removed due to the imgur links to the bad sites.  To protect children from such images, SE can’t allow their content to be embedded in posts on the main site.  One possible option is to flag the question for moderator attention to get it undeleted.  An easier option is to click on the damaged links in the post to go to the legit site, then delete the rest of the post.


These are SE moderation bot notifications.

Please delete this content

The exact text is "Please delete this content" because that's what they do.

In this case, they're trying to get rid of a bunch of links to child abuse sites.

The removed content is the embedded imgur links to the hosting sites:

How to handle moderation bot messages:

If you see a list of urls in a comment that looks suspiciously like


  broken], flag it and let a moderator handle it. Moderators can remove

  embedded links and sometimes remove the comment that links to it. If

  you’re feeling particularly helpful, you can consider adding the

  url itself.


Не удается подключить библиотеку dll

Собираю свой первый компилятор из набора компилятора MS Visual C++. Получаю ошибку такого вида:

Error   3   error C1083: компилятор не о�