The Ultimate Swedish Language Learning Pack (9.9.2012) UPD

ASLList is for hearing and deaf students, families, and teachers who are seeking ASL learning materials for infants, preschool, and elementary school children. ASLList offers songs and stories, toys, games, and other ASL activities and products targeted for young children. It also has lesson plans for school. ASLList is available in more than 40 languages. All ASLList materials are delivered through the ASL's free ASLList Learning Center, which also offers Sign It ASL for parents.

GeoWord is a free online dictionary of more than 80 languages. No matter what you're trying to learn, you'll find something that will help. GeoWord features a pronunciation button that clearly maps the word onto a small audio strip, a glossary button that directs you to a list of definitions, and a tool that lets you replay what you just heard in the native language. There's also a search feature that lets you look up words by word, phrase, or sentence. Just drop a few characters into the search box, and you'll get the specific word you're looking for, along with any variants that might apply. A free, three-day trial is available before you make any purchase, and there are also in-app purchases available.

This is a collection of all the apps that we've reviewed and curated specifically for students and parents of Deaf children. When we first considered it, this was the section we included. But given the popularity of apps for babies and toddlers learning ASL, we felt that it was wrong to include apps that were only for children. That said, parents who are planning to visit, travel, or relocate to an area where they don't speak the native language should probably see this section as well. 81555fee3f

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