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if the star is already pretty, then it could be easy to do this. if theyre not pretty or if theyre not in a good period in their life, then you need to figure out how to make them look good. usually in these cases, you have to make a girl who isnt very pretty look great. even if she has a little heartbreak in her life. when you get a movie that has a great cast and a good script, you can make a lot of progress by finding someone who is not necessarily a real star, but who looks good. then you get to mold that person and make them look good. it can be a really fun thing to do if you can figure out how to do it. a few years ago, i saw a movie with keira knightly and i was struck by how much she looked like a tv actress. i think it was nanny mcphee, and i was like, thats the one. i thought she was just gorgeous. she looks like someone who was in a tv show. you can really just work with that, and thats how you can make someone look great. 

the better story is about the boys and their feelings. the boys think there is a connection between the lisbon girls and the virgin mary. the virgin mary makes them feel better, more desirable, more connected. thats why they die. the virgin mary makes them feel worthier, and the girls don't. the girls and the boys are two sides of the same thing, two different facets of the same thing. this is a movie about the people who loved the lisbon girls, not about the lisbon girls. its central lesson is that there is no connection between the two worlds. there is just the human heart, and its truly tragic when you begin to feel love for a person and you learn that youre loved just as you are. 81555fee3f