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How to install the Windows 7 64bit Ultimate Edition DVD to USB using command line?Below is the tutorial.

convert the ISO image into a bootable CD or DVD image. Â The Windows media creation tools are designed to do this, though. To quickly burn the DVD (and convert the ISO image to a bootable DVD) with the Windows DVD burning tools is fairly easy.

To create a bootable DVD of the Windows 7 DVD as above, you want to do the following:

Click Start, then right-click Computer and then click Manage.

Select Disk Management from the Manage menu.

After the Disk Management window opens, right-click the disk or partition that you want to use to boot from, then select Create a dynamic or dynamic with MBR or EFI partition. Â If you are not comfortable with this, you can use the alternate approach below.

In the Disk Management window, right-click the Drive Letter of the disk that you want to use to boot from, then select Format.

In the Format window, select NTFS, and then click Next.

Select the location of the partition, and then click Next.

You can leave all the options as default, and click Next.

The Disk Management window will then reboot the computer.

If there was an option to activate the windows startup manager, you can delete that option.

If the Create dynamic or dynamic with MBR or EFI partition option was used to create the partition, then the system will attempt to boot from the partition. This requires a BIOS capable of booting from a partition called DISK0 (which is what the UEFI calls it). One way to get the boot loader to load is to start the Windows installation process and let it partition the disk.

I hope this was helpful.


There are several ways to do this.  

Normally you would use an ISO image and use the Windows Image Writer, or you could use a Virtual Disk (VHD) image and then use either the Windows ISO/VHD Image Writer or use dd.  

UPDATE:  I have discovered that since Windows 7 DVD does not have a VHD file format, you cannot create a CD or DVD from a DVD that does not have the ISO format that would normally allow it.  

You can convert an ISO image into a VHD file or a VHD file into an ISO image, and use the