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the most important thing for me during the 28 day reset is to prepare. i dont like to be in a rush or stressed during the day and this can be a challenge for me if i have not planned meals for the week and am counting on my go to snack. it may sound like a pain, but this is the way i would have to always plan as if i was preparing meals for my whole family. not to say you cant go out to grab a quick bite if you need it, but during the day, make the option to prepare ahead and plan ahead.

the goals ive set out for the 28 day reset include: 1) eating 6 meals a day 2) eating 3 times a day 3) planning ahead and preparing at least 5 of the recipes 4) trying to only drink water through out the day and abstain from beverages

remember how i said planning ahead makes a huge difference? that is where i usually get stuck. i can always prepare food to eat in a day, but if you ask me how will i eat for the week and a month, i will have a hard time answering. there are plenty of blogs about the 28 day reset, but they are geared to the way many of us eat and not what the real goal is. ive included my roadmap and breakdown for what you should do and how to plan ahead and not go crazy. this will be very helpful!

like i said before, this looks insanely delicious! im so excited to try these out as ive been wanting to try some new, healthy, savory recipes. im not sure what i’ll be having, but i know im going to have some fun.

slimmer with a little bit of weight - i've lost 30 pounds since i started the detox protocol!! awesome! i've also had a much better sleep. i never even thought about how much my sleep was lacking. i'd wake up or go to bed more tired than i've ever been in my entire life! and even though my weight loss wasn't dramatic, i feel incredible. i've never been more happy in my entire life! today i had the first bruise i ever got from this detox and it's on my lower back and it's big! i really thought i was going to get dropped though from the depth of my bruise. i have a theory that we bruise to show us how much we can handle. it's the perfect feedback for us. we bruise and it feels bad, so we go on and do more. maybe i'm being a bit melodramatic here but i'm guessing this is our first true struggle. 81555fee3f

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