Office 2007 Language Pack - Hungarian 2021

thus, i've decided to clean up the package of ms office 2007-hungary and create a new package. it's available for people who want to test. i'll keep the package updated as soon as the problems are solved and released to the full. since i don't know how to build packages, please use a standalone installation of the msi package.

especially for those who have installed ms office, please note the following points when you install office 2007-hungarian. the first time you run office 2007, there are some minor differences in the user interface and some problems. you will be able to use most of the functions of ms office. please read them carefully.

from  microsoft security bulletin microsoft security bulletin office 2007 language pack - hungarian. microsoft has released a security update for microsoft office 2007 language pack - hungarian and also released a non-security update for office 2007 language pack - hungarian. we have published the security bulletin that describes the vulnerability and the patch. the non-security update fixes a user experience issue with the chinese grammar checker. customers who have already applied this update should apply the security update only. 

an information disclosure vulnerability exists in the way the writing program office handles specially crafted office xml files. an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could view arbitrary files. an attacker could send the specially crafted office xml files to an unsuspecting user, and then exploit the user's system to perform actions as the user. 81555fee3f

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