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President Hao Ben of HannStar Display said, “We are committed to providing excellent products and services to our customers. We have been cooperating with this investigation in order to resolve this matter in the best way possible.”

In 2010, HannStar also paid $2.2 million for “the price-fixing company” according to The Center for the Study of Anti-Competitive Behavior. The Center, based at the University of California-Berkeley, was established in 1970 to investigate anti-competitive activities, such as collusion.

In its statement, HannStar noted that the named conspirators could not have been involved in all the activities alleged in the DOJ’s complaint. It also noted that the conspiracy described in the plea agreement did not include any of HannStar’s subsidiaries. HannStar believes, that “the company’s actions have no impact on the global market and HannStar Touch is not involved in any conspiracy. HannStar Touch currently sells the majority of its products outside of Japan.”

HannStar continued to state that its home office has always been in Taipei. It also noted that HannStar's Taipei factory is registered with the Taiwan government as an organization that makes and sells LCD products. The Taipei factory’s president, however, has testified in the past that the company’s headquarters are in fact in the southern city of Taichung. 

The agreement also does not cover any products made or marketed after Jan. 31, 2006. According to the Department of Justice, HannStar is responsible for the manufacture, supply and sale of 250.7 million dollars worth of TFT-LCD panels from Sept. 14, 2001 to Jan. 31, 2006. 81555fee3f

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Understanding the circuit powering a simple Hall effect sensor

I've been trying to understand how the circuit powering a simple Hall effect sensor is working so I could make one with my own transducer. 

This is how it looks like: 

The switch between the input and the Hall sensor is a simple resistor. 

The apparent problem arises when I decided to use a microcontroller. On all the links of this circuit, the microcontrollers are