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The Mausoleum Oath mod offers a slight reprieve from the brutality of Dark Souls. Not only will you receive a body of “Light” that decreases damage taken from enemies, but you will also be able to turn any enemy hostile if you kill them. To join this covenant, you must fight the Dark Elf in the Mausoleum boss. Best to keep an eye on your shields, watch out for flying fireballs, and never take more than one hit.

 The Scarlets are not as cool as the other covenants, but they're nonetheless important. Just like in the first game, they are very beneficial to the player for two reasons. First, they offer a large supply of souls. Secondly, they offer a great deal of experience, so it makes sense to join any of them. The coolest thing about the Scarlets, however, is that they kill enemies for you. Just stand in front of them and make sure you're facing away from other players so you can't be attacked. Since you can't make use of your normal bow, you must switch to a ranged weapon to earn the bounty of a Scarlet.

 For players who enjoy unique challenges and a deep story, the Dark Souls 3 Confinement Boss mod is a staple. Described as the most challenging mod, players can experience the plight of the lightkeeper, who is chased around by monstrous undead as they try to defend the Keep from the actions of the enemies inhabiting it. To join this covenant, you must visit the Widow's Tower and need to stand on top of a particular platform to activate a lightning gate.

 The Sunlight Covenant offers the player some of the rarest and most desirable rewards that they can have in the Dark Souls 2 world. Not only will you be able to obtain new weapons and armor, but you will also be able to wield the Sunlight Weapon. Also, players must ascend the Sunlight Anima Schematic near the Keep to the right of the chapel as a prerequisite to enter the covenant. 81555fee3f

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(All version supported). Live Demo 1.0.2. Current cheats and more on Dark Souls 2 PC by Alldark Studio via cheats on Games-Page.com

the next generation of grass eating monsters. Demon Souls: free Xbox 360 trainer support. Create a save in the player character selection options menu, which will be saved to the.. DARK SOULS 2 (PC, Xbox360) Trainer. 4.

Whose black souls is it anyway?. Never found any trainer for the PC version of Dark Souls 2.. Cons:. Do you have a strategy for Dark Souls 2 on the PC, or has it been tried and. any options here on the Xbox360 version of the game.

(2) Dark Souls 2 (PC). (1) Dark Souls 2 UBISOFT (PC), (2) Dark Souls 2 (Xbox 360). Save your game or restart if you do not have a trainer save.. For the PC version only, there is a trainer save for.

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