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DLL missing error is really irritating if you use Adobe After Effects CS6. It appears that you need to get Adobe After Effects CC amtlib.dll and place it into the /modules directory. The after effects installer will automatically copy this file to the /modules directory when it installs this CC update. But, if this file is missing, it will not work.

In addition, sometimes it may happen that a site providing a free amtlib.dll download, does not have the latest version of the Adobe After Effects. Some sites only provide older versions of the Adobe After Effects. Thus, it is recommended to not download the latest version of Adobe After Effects (i.e. the one containing amtlib.dll) unless you want to risk a missing file.

This error happens due to a missing amtlib.dll file. This is not uncommon especially for Windows users. The amtlib.dll file for the Adobe After Effects is not available when this error is shown. However, it can be easily fixed. If the amtlib.dll file is missing, it can be easily resolved by installing the Adobe After Effects CC Beta from the Adobe website. The Adobe After Effects is a very popular application which is used for video editing by professionals and amateurs. The Adobe After Effects is probably the best known and most used video editing software in the industry.

It is very common that CS5 users will upgrade to the latest CS6. This is usually a very smooth transition and has very few problems. However, sometimes you will not be able to start the new Adobe After Effects because of a missing amtlib.dll file.

If you purchased the Adobe After Effects CC upgrade from the Adobe website, then you will find that it installs the amtlib.dll in the modules directory (which is usually under Program Files). If your computer does not automatically install the Adobe After Effects, you can copy and paste the amtlib.dll file manually to the /modules directory. If the files from the Adobe After Effects are installed, but amtlib.dll is missing, you can easily download it from the Adobe website and copy and paste it to the /modules directory. 81555fee3f

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 * Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.


 * This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the

 * LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.


#import "ABI39_0_0RCTSurfaceHostingDelegate.h"

#import "ABI39_0_0RCTSurfaceHostingManager.h"

@interface ABI39_0_0RCTSurfaceHostingDelegate ()

@property (nonatomic, weak) ABI39_0_0RCTSurfaceHostingManager *hostingManager;


@implementation ABI39_0_0RCTSurfaceHostingDelegate

  NSMutableArray _surfaceHostingRequests;

  NSMutableArray> _surfaceHostingDelegates;

  BOOL _running;

- (instancetype)init