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The application supports LZH, ZIP, TAR, ACE, Z, LZM, SIT, UUE, and ZOO file types. You can use WinRAR to decompress multiple files into one archive. All of these combine to make WinRAR a powerful archiving tool.

As a extract to program, WinRAR only supports the extraction of multiple files in one folder. Users are able to extract content to a specific folder by clicking the folder in the location list. As for creation and overwriting of folders, a specific function is unavailable in WinRAR. When people try to create folders and files with the Add button, the app will prompt them that the specific function is unavailable. In this case, people are only able to move files to a specific folder using the Drag and Drop feature.

If you want to overwrite existing files, the process will be much the same as the addition of files. When trying to overwrite file(s) in WinRAR, the user will be shown a warning about the existing file(s). If people allow the app to overwrite, the content will be replaced and will be overwritten.

If you want to make a.ZIP file, WinRAR will ask if you want to overwrite existing content. The message box gives a chance to add files from a folder or move files to a new folder without keeping the previous contents. The box also lists the content that will be added, removed, or replaced. People can also add subfolders.

You can choose to add an icon or not, and if you add an icon, you have the opportunity to specify the size, shape, and color. If you selected the icon, you can choose the location and name as well. You can then open the WinRAR window to explore more features. 81555fee3f